Johannes Stefansson is committed to the ongoing fight for justice and to see Fishrot
corruption cases fully exposed and justice fully served for the Namibian people as well as in
other countries where Fishrot cases have its footprint.
The journey started in July 2016 when Johannes left Samherji. In August 2018 Johannes
Stefansson reported the Fishrot cases to the authorities in Namibia, and in October 2019 to
the authorities in Iceland. Johannes holds a status of a suspect in the Fishrot case in Iceland
but in Namibia he is a state witness.
The journey has come with many challenges regarding safety and security matters, health
challenges from late poisoning effects from suspected poisoning a few years ago, legal and
financial challenges, and other related challenges.
As there is a long journey ahead, we seek donations to help finance the ongoing fight for
justice making one of the biggest fisheries corruption cases even more visible and further
exposed. We are convinced that this will serve not only the Namibian people, but hopefully
further in Africa, Iceland and in other countries that the Fishrot cases are connected to.
Considering that the Fishrot corruption is only one example of a massive globe-spanning
crime web, there is still a lot of work to do. There is the Fishrot trial which will be in Namibia
in the near future, where Johannes Stefansson will testify. There are considerable costs
involved in the preparation for the trial in Namibia and in Iceland and for the trip to Namibia,
including safety issues.
Please consider to assist the fight against injustice in Namibia and in other countries
connected to the Fishrot corruption. We want to continue putting the spotlight on a very
secretive industry, which exploits the world’s most precious natural resources and food
supplies through corruption, money-laundering, bribery and racketeering.
Fishrot corruption has had a devastating effect on the Namibian people and their
sustainability. Corruption is the root of all evil and Fishrot corruption cases have
demonstrated that. The fight is not only to fully expose the Fishrot corruption but to see a
better sustainable future for the people.
Please consider taking a minute to keep us on track by making a donation today via one of
the following methods.
Sincerely thank you in advance.